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      Finally got to see my opthmologist today! he recomended hypo tears for
      drops (and I can even use it with my contacts in!!!) he also gave me
      some cream called tear-gel to use at night, the other one I was using
      just didn’t cut it, hopefully this one will then I can sleep through
      the night,total bliss:.) I picked up some duratears ointment to try also.
      Has anyone used those particular creams and drops if so did you find them
      effective? I’m praying they work for me! tired of the “torture”.
      The DR. said there was no change in my eyes, I thought for sure something
      was going on! I mentioned some of the procedures that I read about on
      the computer, he said it was pretty radical. Said that I may be having
      eye problems lately because my thyroid levels keep changing.
      After nearly 5 years of this I still don’t know what to think! also had
      my blood work done today, crossing my fingers that everything is normal
      again, or as normal as you can get with this disease! Yeah the DR.said
      you have to take things one day at a time Shannon, I’ve been doing that
      for a very long time now,ONE DAY AT A TIME! sorry for rambling,


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        I to have dry eyes especially at night. I use something called
        DuoLube but it’s not all that great for me. I still wake with
        very dry eyes. I use the hypo tears to southe my eyes and then
        when I feel like I can sleep again, I put in the DueLube and we
        go through this ever 3-4 hours during the night. I can’t remember
        the last time I sleep all through the night. Oh! the things we
        took for granite. Is tear-gel something purchased over the counter
        or could this DuoLube like the same thing? Anyway if it improves
        the dryness, let me know, please. I dryness doing the day is not
        near as bad as the night time, I wonder why?

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