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      Hi Caren,
      I seem to be in the same condition as you exept my problem is that normal readings give me hypo symptoms. I wonder what RAI does except kill the thyroid? My theory is that before RAI, I was producing my own active T3, now the only source of T3 is the T4 I’m taking, so I must need more than I did before RAI. My doctor is talking about doing an echocardiagram to check heart is healthy, then he says he doesn’t mind if I have to stay a little high. I am also 6 momths post RAI and feel very frustrated.

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        After 8 weeks of feeling very hyper again and being told my blood tests
        show me to be in the “normal range” now, so my symptoms could not
        be related to the thyroid, had to be something else, such as menopause, the doctor finally really listened to what I was saying.

        Switched endos, and when I told her all my symptoms, racing heart, palps, shaking hands and tremors, enormous appetite and not gaining weight, not sleeping etc. just like when I was first diagnosed, she heard me. She also was able to feel the thyroid again. Also had my gyn doctor run the blood tests for menopause and they all came back OK, nowhere near menopause.

        Well my endo took me off the Levoxyl, started me on Beta Blockers.She said it would take 6-7 days for the Levoxyl to get out of my system.I am now waiting for the results of the blood tests that were done yesterday.
        She is now under the opinion that I became hyperthyroid again due to overdosage of the Levoxyl.

        I have been yelling about this for 8 weeks now, feeling just awful and nobody would listen because the darn blood tests said I was in the normal range.

        So to anyone who is not feeling well, either hyper or hypo, if you are not getting any help from your doctors, look for another one who will listen to the way you are feeling and not just use the standard line, the blood tests are OK so it can’t be your thyroid.!!!!!!!!!

        Now I just wait and see what happens. Feel like I am starting all over again. It’s been 6 months since my diagnosis and RAI treatment and by now I really thought things would be going in the right direction. It does get a bit depressing, but I think I am now on the right track with this new doctor.

        Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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          What blood tests were in the normal range. I’m assuming they took a
          TSH test. Anything else? Get a copy of this for your records and
          keep it with a notes describing your symptoms on it. You may need a
          copy in the future if this happens again or you switch doctors.

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