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      Hi Shan (and anyone else needing info on how to log onto the chat server).

      For basic information on how to log on, you can go to our web page at

      However, to briefly recap the info on that page:
      You’ll need an irc client (a computer program that allows you to log onto irc.
      We recomment mIRC (the web page mentioned above has a pointer to where you can get it)

      You’ll need to install it on your computer.

      After you’ve got it on your computer, you’ll log onto the internet using your internet service provider, then you’ll open your irc client.

      If you’re using mIRC and are having trouble getting the settings correct, here’s some info that should help:

      1. Go into your mIRC and select the FILE menu option.
      2. Under the FILE menu option, select SETUP.
      3. Click once on the server in your list, then select
      the EDIT button (if you don’t have an “EDIT” button, click on
      ADD…someone told me their version of mIRC didn’t have an EDIT
      4. Under the settings for the server, you should
      have the following:

      IRC server:
      Port: 6667 (or 7000 if 6667 doesn’t work for you)
      Password: LEAVE THIS BLANK

      5. Now select OK. After clicking OK, it should take you back to the
      SETUP window.

      6. On the SETUP window, below the list of irc servers, you should see
      the following blanks:

      Real Name: (You can put a real name or alias here)
      E-Mail: (you can put anything you want here…it doesn’t care)
      Nick Name: (this is where you put your USER ID in lower case
      Alternate: (to connect to our server, you don’t need to fill this

      Now you should be able to connect. One thing you need to remember is that if you’re using mIRC,
      mIRC will change your Nick Name blank to the nickname you selected. So
      if you accidently get disconnected (and each time you reconnect to us),
      you must retype your USER ID back in the Nick Name blank on SETUP.

      Hope this helps anyone who has been having trouble connecting. If anyone needs any last minute tutoring to get online, feel free to call me at 1-407-722-0551.

      Archie and I will be online tonight to say “hi”…we won’t attend the group, however but will stay online in case there are questions.

      Hope to see as many of you online as possible!


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        I’ve was diagnosed with Graves Disease about 3-4 years ago. My previous endo. treated me with tapazole and synthroid and suggested atomic cocktail. I held out and was mostly ok. Would get my medicine adjusted periodically when my levels went up or down. For medical insurance reasons, I’m no longer seeing that doctor. My cuurent endo wants me to do the atomic coctail in about two weeks. Claims my health is really threatened. ( I have other medical problems which make me susceptible to osteoporisis and heart disease. Right now I’m on no medication – my endo wanted to see just how bad my levels were. I don’t know what to do. He is really pushing for the atomic coctail ASAP. Anyone have any suggestions? Right now, in spite of being Hyperthyroid, I’m very overweight. The prospect of getting even more overweight is very depressing. Help! Thanks.

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          Wow – I can’t beleive your doctors let you go for so long. I’ve been told
          that the PTU which I take (It must be similar to what you were given)
          does a great job in controlling everything – but it DOES promote
          osteoporosis. An over active thyroid is also a strain on your heart.
          I am getting the RAI on Nov. 5. I feel that to rid myself of this problem
          and all it’s bad side effects is worth a short period of adjustment.
          I have faith in my Endro that he will QUICKLY get me to NORMAL so I can
          just get past this! Take care of the problem – not the symptoms!

          As for the weight, if you are seeing a good Endocronologist, he should
          also have a dietitian on his staff to work with you.

          Good Luck

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