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      Hi Sally,

      I have Graves’ Disease, Graves’ Eye Disease and the
      Fibromyalgia. I think the Fibromyalgia is considered
      a syndrom. I had the pain of the Fibromyalgia first.
      My primary care doctor at the time just said it was
      Fibromyalgia and that I should exercise. Now that was
      at a point in my life when I thought I was doing a great
      job being a working mom. I was super active at the time.
      I thought it was arthritis in my upper arms because they
      were causing me so much pain when I lifted them up.

      Fibromyalgia is just another auto-immune condition.
      Like Graves’ Disease they don’t know for sure why we
      get it. The pain and fatique symptoms can be treated.

      When I first found this BB I was confused about the
      pain issues presented here. I still don’t know for sure
      if I truely have Fibromyalgia or if the aches are part of
      the Graves’ Disease. I had the RAI and blood tests are all
      within the normal range. However, when I had more stress in
      my life and supposedly was not eating correctly I had some
      additional symptoms that go under the Fibromyalgia heading.

      So now I have lots of favorite pages for both GD and Fibro!

      Michele B.

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        Hi All,
        Was wondering if anyone has heard of Fibromynalgia having anything to do with Thyroid problems. When I was in the book store to buy Sara Rosenthals book the lady at the book store was telling me that she is Hypo. and has Fibromynalgia and that they go hand in hand. I didn’t find that while surfing but I did find the symptoms and those shoulder pains we have talked about on here are one of the symtpoms same with tiredness and alot of our very own symptoms, so just curious if anyone has any info. on this.
        Thanks, Blessings,

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          Hi Sally,

          I was diagnosed late last summer with Graves Disease. Although some of
          the symptoms have disappeared with the ATD; fatigue and a annoying neck
          pain, along with other transient joint pain. I finally went to a
          Rheumatologist primarily to rule out lupus. He believes, but cannot
          say with 100% that I have Fibromynalgia coexisting with Graves. According
          to the Rheumatologist, Fibromynalgia is a sleep disorder, and also
          believed to be a autoimmune disease. I was not a believer until he had
          me take a 25mg of amitriptyline before bedtime to promote a deeper sleep.
          After a month the joint pain disappeared. As long as I get 8 to 10
          hours a night sleep I am ok with the Fibromynalgia symptoms. Less than
          that and I’m in trouble. The Graves Disease is in some sort of change
          with hypo and hyper symptoms present at the same time. So I am not sure
          of which is causing what. Nothing is definitive when it comes to 100%
          diagnosis of these diseases.

          Good Luck,

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