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    Haven’t a clue what Fibromyalgia is!!! Is it the tumors in the soft tissue
    of the skin akin to what the elephant man had??? If it is I know a few folks
    with that problem here in FL and there is no history of GD with them that I
    know of. They are the family of friends and there is no GD in their family
    history. If it is not disregard last transmission.


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    Fibromyalgia is another fun autoimmune disease, Jake and it is not that unusual to find it hand in hand with Graves’. If you are having bad aching all over in mostly the muscles, they will check you for that.

    The first check is by poking certain spots on the body which will be real sensitive with fibromyalgia. I was checked for that recently also with all the aching going on,

    It can be a very painful disease. I think Annette & Archie have a support group set up for it on this server.


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    Hi everyone….I am new to the board, does anyone out there have trouble with fibromyalgia? Seems I’ve got that too…thanks…clp

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    Hi – I saw the posts about Fibromyalgia and was wondering exactly what
    all the symptoms are? I get alot of joint pain and sometimes I get fibroid
    tumors also. I’d appreciate some posting all of the symptoms or even
    where I might get more info. Thanks Sue

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    HI, iof fibromyalgia is having pain when you extend arms or lever legs, I guess I have that too.Maybe we can find out what helps and share that.. But in the meantime, I’ll share my sympathy. Best wishes, Jeannette

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    Fibromyalgia is “a syndrome of widespread pain involving mainly muscle, but also
    tendons, ligaments, bursa and joints.” It is also know as fibrositis, myofibrositis,
    fibromysositis, nonrestorative sleep disorder, nonarticuylar rheumatism, myofacial
    pain syndrome and tension myalgia. Some of the symptoms are: Widespread muscle pain,
    Fatigue, Stiffness, numbness, weakness, Swelling, Poor sleep, cold intolerance, headaches
    joint pain, tendinitis and tingling. There are bunches more. Now, I had all that and was
    diagnosed with Graves’! Ick! Poor sleep is a biggie, and your pain must occur for a long
    time straight…like months. The final diagnosis is done by examining the presence of
    Tender points. There are 18 of them on the body. When these puppies are palpated they
    hurt like crazy, not just ouch, but ooooooouuuucccchhhhh!

    My concern has more to do with the combination of Graves’ and fibromyalgia. Like, if the
    Graves’ is under control should I have the other? Since lack of sleep is a biggie, I suspect
    that the fibromyalgia is a product of the lack of sleep and that lack of sleep is really the Graves’
    Forgive me….now I ramble on and on. My hope is that once the Graves’ is in check the
    fibromyalgia will go away as well. thanks…Carolyn

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