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      Although I don’t know anything specifically about fibroid cysts, I do
      know, from reading and talking to friends who do alternative medicine
      therapies, that the thyroid hormone and our estrogen hormone levels are
      inseparably linked. When one is hyperthyroid, the estrogen level is lowered,
      and when one is hypothyroid, the estrogen level is higher. Since
      estrogen levels are related to the growth of fibroid cysts, I would
      encourage your friend to have these checked, as well as monitoring her
      I have noted, with some chagrin, that as my thyroid levels have been
      corrected–I was hyperthyroid–my menstrual periods have gotten heavier
      and I am having considerably more breast tenderness before them–both the
      result of more estrogen in my system now. Best of luck to your friend!

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        Is anyone knowledgeable about or have written info about the relationship between thyroid —hypo and fibroid cysts?? A friend of mine is suffering terribly—fainting in pain, etc………she never had this until hypo and on synthyroid replacement……….

        any connection????

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