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      Hi Jake,

      Thanks for the reminder tip on Fiber Foods and taking meds!
      I was feeling guilty that I seemed to forget taking my
      Thyroid Replacement Medicine in the morning like it is
      suggested. But since I had been on a Fiber kick due to my
      Fibromyalgia I guess God was looking out for me by me not
      remembering to take my medicine in the morning! :)

      I am really coming to the conclusion that stress really
      plays a way bigger role in how a person feels having an
      auto-immune disease. I have been feeling so much better
      since I am off of work.

      Michele B.

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        Thanks for info about brans, vitamins, and other stuff because I’m starting today to take replacement. If I work nights should I take it at night when I get up?

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          I found the source for the reference to Bobbi’s comments about Bran in
          an earlier post. The book is called Food-Medicine Interactions and
          can be purchased from:

          Food-Medicine Interactions
          P.O. Box 659
          Pottstown, PA
          Ph 215-970-7143

          It states this about Oatmeal / Bran / Fiber: Fiber products taken with
          any medication and vitamin products often slows the transport of the
          tablet or capsule in the gut. The delay in transport can sometimes
          reduce the product dissolution and decrease the amount absorbed into
          the blood. This would reduce the effect of the product. However,
          sometimes the delayed transport caused by fiber may increase the
          absorption of other products depending on the unique chemical properties.
          Increased absorption of some vitamins occurs when fibrous foods are
          eaten with the vitamin. This is an unpredictable event. It is best to
          take any product one hour before or two hours after eating fiber.

          Hope this helps Warriors!
          Jake (Achgook)

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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