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      Oh Shannon….we all understand ….we have all been there. :-) My mother
      says it builds character….well I’m a “character” all right! :-) Also, I
      think a good cry helps every once in a while, at least it does for me. Hope
      you feel better soon….Carolyn

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        Shannon here ‘s a hankie and a hug!!! I think we all understand what
        your are going threw so just pretend we are that family that doesn’t
        quit get it, at least until the tears can stop anyway. A good cry keeps
        the eyes moist and heals the soul and really is quit healthy for us at
        times. Tomorrow will be better.///// Margie

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          Hi everyone,
          Feeling down in the dumps these last few days, I have been dragging myself
          around feeling so helpless. Woke up again this morning with pain shooting
          through my eyes, maybe thats why I feel this way, not getting a complete
          nights sleep, I guess it’s catching up with me.
          Feeling a little sad and needed to express it, nobody around me understands
          I think they have given up trying to.
          Anyway thanks for listening, I feel the tears coming.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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