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      Hi everyone, I just realized that I am feeling better! Sometimes I need
      to say this stuff out loud! I have been on the higher dose of synthroid
      and I can feel the difference. Not so achy, not too too crabby…ok, just
      a little crabby, not too too tired..ect. ect. ect. thanks….Carolyn

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        Yah, Carolyn!! Terrific news.


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          Glad to hear you’re feeling better!! Yeah!

          I’ve been feeling better, too. I had forgotten what “normal” was, what
          it was like to go about my everyday routine without this disease in my
          face. Since Christmas (and excepting my dosage change relapse), day
          by day I’ve been able to get back to life. This thing had me a total
          basketcase, hanging on by my fingernails. It feels so darn good to
          be able to go through the day without Graves’ entering my brain (except
          when it’s time to take my PTU…hard to ignore that vile stuff). I’m
          so thankful to feel like this again. God is faithful!


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            that’s GREAT. me too – feeling much better – i think…..for the moment…..probably. eyes still a little wierd…..but. also – i went to see an acupuncturist yesterday. it just seemed to me that there must be an alternative way of ‘helping’ my body to cope with all the violent see-saws that are happening to it. afterwards – i felt really amazing and what’s more – the swelling in my eyes had definitely gone. he told me that basically my liver and kidneys were REALLy congested and unable to cope. so next step is to go to a chinese herbalist that he recommended. honestly – the $150 (for two hours) that he charged is NOTHING compared to 5 minutes for the same money from the ‘normal’ doctors. time to start taking this stuff in hand.
            keep going – keep being better. marysia

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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