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      Hi everyone,
      GD may not be a terminal illness (and that we all are thankful for) but it
      is a disease that can change your life in many ways.
      I can sympathize with Caroline, when your not able to the things that you
      could easily do before GD it can be very frustrating!
      Right now I’m here alone(with the exception of my cat)because my boyfriend
      had to go away for a few days, and I was feeling to sick to go with him.
      My only sister is getting married on the 21st, I was suppose to be her maid
      of honer,as it turns out I’m not even going to have the privilege of attending
      the wedding because I’ve been feeling so ill.
      My sister said she understood,but I know shs’s disappointed.
      These are the things I find the hardest, you look forward to some special
      event and when it arrives your feeling to sick to go,even though you may
      have been feeling okay a week or so before. That’s when the guilt hits you.
      Many times I’ve let people down,some understand some don’t,either way I end
      up feeling terrible.
      I hope I haven,t been to depressing, It’s were I’m alone I guess, to much time
      to think

      well I just got a call from my boyfriend! that makes me feel a little
      better,he will be back home tomorrow thank God! another day by myself would have been a
      little hard to handle. Anyway thanks for listening.
      I wish you all a healthy,happy holiday,

        Post count: 93172

        Dear Shana, How sad to miss your sister’s wedding. I hope at the least it will help your family to realize what a struggle GD is and help them to take good care of you.when i was the most sick i could’nt even sit at the computer. My husband actually found this BB and he would read posts to me sometimes. i missed some things tooo. Hope you and your sis find special ways to stay close. Take care. Jeannette

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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