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      It’s Staurday, I’m feeling energetic enough to try to clean up my house
      a little, have a vase of daffodils, and my cat is improving (gave us a scare last week, listless and lame.
      Walking now and seems better) Just want to say thanks to you all for
      being here. Spent the last two days looking over the last month of posts.
      Learned alot.

      Here’s a story: Farmer standing in the middle of a field. His wife left him
      with five little kids. The cow got sick and died. The horse ran away.
      The pigs are acting like pigs. He looks up to the sky and says, “God, I know
      you wouldn’t send me anything I couldn’t stand. I just wish you didn’t
      think so much of me.”

      I take comfort in you all, and in knowing that God is always with me, even
      when it appears differently, and that good can come from almost anything.
      Take a look at:

      If I can make jewelry out of a car wreck, I guess I can find good and joy in
      this current health challenge. So can we all. Sieze the day!

      Love and light n blessings to you all, Sharon

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