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      Hi Folks!

      Just wanted to let you know that there’s been a change in our FAQ. We
      no longer allow commercial postings of any kind on the bulletin boards.
      We had been allowing people to post a web address (URL) and a brief
      description of their website. But unfortunately most people who were
      interested in promoting their product were less interested in following
      the guidelines for the bulletin boards.

      We’re instituting a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for commercial advertising on
      the bulletin board. We don’t even accept “soft sells”…meaning people
      who don’t give a lot of details but tell you to contact them.

      We want the bulletin boards to remain a discussion of the TOPIC…not
      a goldmine of free marketing space for the internet community. When
      someone posts an advertisement of any kind, they are guaranteed to
      have a “captive audience”, since most people on the bb’s read each and
      every post. When they advertise on the bb, they are in effect stealing
      the time it takes you to read it, and if you’re on a service provider
      who charges you by the hour, that’s a double whammy.

      The reason I’m posting this is because I need the help of everyone on
      the bulletin boards. If you run across someone trying to market their
      product through these bb’s…please let us know. It is our belief that
      someone who is selling a product is biased toward that product and that
      promoting a product to someone with a specific disorder is nothing short
      of PRESCRIBING (which most certainly isn’t allowed on the bulletin board

      Thanks for you help in this matter.


      Annette and Archie Hensley


      Annette M. Hensley

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