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      Evening all,

      I am so sorry that folks are wanting to leave the BB over posts. What I said in my earlier post is if we get someone or more who end up monopolizing the BB we do not get to the business at hand and that is providing education about Graves disease.

      Tom, I said I send e-mails to those who get out of line so to speak. You have assumed that I have directed my post to you alone and you are wrong. I can think of at least 10 e-mails I have sent out to folks who’s e-mail addresses I had to ask for cooler heads to prevail. I could not send you an e-mail since I did not have one for you. Do not take this personal. I have not taken action to find out anyone’s e-mail address even though I have the ability to do so. If someone wishes to remain anonamus (?) I respect that. Like I said we keep no records of who belongs and who does not who posts here.

      A support group must have rules to operate or all we have is a cyber mosh pit. Each of us is in different stages of the disease. Some need help with anger, some with eyes, some with weight gain or loss. What one person understands because they have been there another may take offense to and we try to keep things from getting out of hand. In CHAT rooms people get bummped for not following the rules. Support groups have the same right to bump sombody even though our BB has never done so. Other BBs on this site have bumped people for a cooling off period and we may have to start doing that ourselves.

      All are welcome here (if you believe it or not). If we miss your post please do not be afraid to put a second post on saying this is a second post please help. It is never our intent to slight anyone or make them feel uncomfortable. We have made some great friends with those who started off in adverseral posts because both parties took the time to understand where each other was coming from and I am sure we will be friends for a long time.

      Keep on posting and we will keep answering.


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