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      Actually, I tried the scarf around the eyes and it would make me look not so puffy in the morning. I don’t know what to do to keep it on during the night. Just be sure not to tie it too tight because that can cause irritation to your eyes. Also, I find that when I steam my face (throw a towel over my head over steam water) for 5-10 min and then apply frozen pak over my eyes………what a difference!!!! Also, I try to apply a lot of eye cream because I’m always touching my eyes. It seems to work well with me…….give it a try. Good luck!

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        My poor little eyelids can’t seem to close over my bulging eyes these days!
        I tried those salves – Yuck! I’ve tried tons of drops – No good, except
        during the day.

        I found an old airline mask – you know, so you can sleep on the plane when
        it is light outside – and it works great!!! My eyes stay closed overnight,
        they don’t dry out, and I look normal in the morning… not like a bulgy-eyed

        I highly recommend this solution to anyone who’s having overnight troubles with
        their eyes. Use the mask, or try a silk scarf! But, I also have a question…
        How can I get myself to stop taking the mask off in the middle of the night?
        Most nights it stays on, but many times I wake up only to find myself puffy-eyed
        and the mask is on the floor, or propped up on my forehead!!


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          Hi Lisa! I, too, would wake up many a morning to find my “mask” lying near my pillow or next to my bed on the floor. It’s certainly hard to control the hand’s action while in deep sleep – I always figured that it must of been a good dream! :)

          During my earlier years of eye trouble I would use an eye lubricant and tape my eyes shut at night with sensitive first aid tape. I never liked the taping, but I never took off the tape in my sleep. After my surgeries I tied a cotton bandana over my eyes to keep them moist – that’s when my mask removal troubles started. I have no suggestions, except trying the eye taping method. It relieved the soreness, redness, and itchiness for me in the morning.

          Sweet dreams, Debby

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