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    When do I know when it’s time to see an eye doc? Have swollen, itchy
    eyelids, sometimes “drippy” eyes. Got a lid infection and my allergist
    prescribed antibiotic drops. Is it time or will this phase disappear?
    You guys are great. In a little Texas town of about 2500 people, I don’t
    expect to find a local support group. Thanks, All!

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    Hiya Rosemary!

    If you have Graves’ and your eyes are bothering you at all, I would go get them checked out. I kept getting told I had allergy problems (optometrist) and it delayed the diagnosis of Graves’ eye disease for about two months. Have some nerve damage because of that.


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    Thanks, Bruce, for your advice to see the eye doc. I have an appointment
    tomorrow morning. From reading the posts, I sort of wonder if he’ll offer
    anything that will improve the swelling and the “dripping.” But, as I read,
    it may be important in the long run that there be a base line established.
    Isn’t this just the pits?! Such is life (I guess).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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