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      Last month I went to my optho because the GD eye problems were back after several months. Sure enough, my dry spots were worse, my eyes were much most swollen than before. He gave me a prescription to stop the burning and gave me some samples of some “thicker” lubricating drops to use every four hours. On the way out his nurse said she had dry eyes, loaded me down with a ton of freebie samples and told me to use them every hour if my eyes bothered me. Also, I started using Tears Plus’s gel at night with my sleep mask.

      Went to the optho yesterday and he said my eyes were better than they’d been in two years. Dry spots on corneas are gone, vision has actually improved some, swelling has gone down but isn’t totally gone.

      I know that’s not much compared to what some of you have suffered, but it’s so wonderful to finally hear some good news about my eyes.


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        Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with graves disease last september, then a few
        months later, before my levels were even stable, I became pregnant. I was
        able to carry the baby with no effects from either the ptu I took(up untill 10 days before the
        baby was born I still continued the ptu in small doses), or any bad effects from
        the graves antibodies either. I know everyone isn’t as lucky as I was
        I just wanted to sharre some hope with others who may be considering how
        their graves may effect having children.

        Me and my husband now have a beutiful baby girl, Jennifer born august 15, 8 lbs 8 oz,
        and she is perfect! I will even be able to breast feed her untill around
        six weeeks past her birth when my endo says my graves disease will probley come back stronger than ever and
        I will have to go back on high doses of ptu that would be passed to her if
        I continue to breast feed.

        I haven’t had much time to check in on th bb latley, but I do try and read up once a week or so
        and have found much support and compfort from reading others posts. I hope
        I have also shared some hope with others with this post.


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          Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! I know you and your husband are so proud of this precious angel!
          You are in my prayers.


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            Nancy, I would definitely see an optho. My eyes gave me trouble with double, blurry vision when I was 40 and the docs answer was bifocals. They didn’t work, but the eyes settled down and I learned to deal with the double vision which came and went. Twelve years later I was diagnosed with graves. Because hindsight is so accurate, the docs now agree that the problem at 40 was probably the opening gun for the graves. Check it out and good luck.

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