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      Well, Jake, it strikes me you’ve already worked out a pretty good excuse for those potentially offended ladies. LOL.

      Wishing you luck — with the steroids and the exams this coming week.


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        Morning Warriors!!!!

        Well just thought I would drop a note tho continue the saga of Jakes eyes!!
        Went to the eye doc in Miami and the left eye is not moving as well as it
        used to. Also loosing the feeling in my face just like I did when I had the
        decompression of the eye sockets. What does this mean???? It meens after
        an ultrasound on my eyes that the muscles are growing again.

        Doc has me on systemic steroids (60mg) a day. Said it was like trying to kill
        and ant with an atom bomb with the dose but need to get the feeling in the face
        back. Talk about beeing bolated!! I feel like a road kill coon three days into a
        four day bloat!!! You know you seen them little buggers on the side of the road
        ready to pop!!! Great mental picture huh!! I have been able to avoid steroids
        my whole GD treatment but not any more.

        Getting a CAT scan next week to see how much room there is in the sinus. We are
        planning on freeing up sinus space to let the eye muscles have some more room.
        Or we may decide to do radiation on the muscles. Will find out next Friday.
        Other wise we are doing great. Got a large 21 inch monitor for the computer at
        work and what a difference. Mortgage the house and get one of these big boys.
        The difference in eye strain or lack of it is tremendous! Kind of feel like I
        am at a drive in movie at my desk. Now if I had surround sound 8-)….

        Bottom line is I am not happy eye problems are comeing back but I will take them
        in stride and with my awsome sense of humor as usual. Was in a meeting earlier
        this week and asked someone a question. Another person answered and I looked
        them in the eye (as best as I could) and asked them if either of my two eyes was
        looking at them when I asked the question. Got a few laughs around the table but
        answer was that he said yes one was looking at him that is why he answered. Need to
        be more careful where I aim these things. Some poor lady may think I am looking
        at somethings I should not be looking at.

        Well got to go.

        Jake (Achgook)

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