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      Dear All,

      I had a great visit to the Ophthamologist this week. Already sounds
      wonderful, doesn’t it? Eyes are stable after four months, and will
      probably be able to do muscle surgery in July. This is the good news
      that they removed the TWO Prisms from my glasses, and gave me one
      stronger one….12 diopters, or something like that. Anyway, the result
      was fantastic. The world stopped waving up the down, and I can see
      a whole lot better. What a blessing. Anybody else, if you have prisms
      on both lenses, see if they can put it all in one. So much better. One
      more thing they FINALLY told me, is that if I keep my eyes really
      drenched with artificial tears, the light sensitivity would be better.
      I have always used them, but now I am pouring it in, and it’s better.
      Now there is a point where they will blur at first, but the light
      sensitivity is much better. Just thought I’d share this with you guys.

      Thanks again for all your support. I don’t post alot, but do read daily. God bless you, Shirley

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        I just got back from my optho follow up appt. I had the eye lid surgery back in Nov. Things are looking real good. Now all I need is some stiches on the ends of my eyes. This will help keep my eye lids down. My eye pressure is down to 21. Yeah!

        I also need to have the little puffy bags removed under my eyes but since the insurance does not cover that I will have to live with it. (:

        I told my optho all about this board as I was asking him questions. I kept talking as he was trying to write. He answered me but also added that he now has a computer and as soon as he learns how to use it he will have an address to give out. He said he is really into this Graves’ Disease. I told him so was I. :)

        Michele B.

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          Hi, through the past year I have had many posts and e-mails asking if I had tried prisms for my double vision. My Ophthalmologist had said if I could hold off he didn’t think they would help me much. Yesterday I had an appointment with my Optometrist and he did testing to see if prisms would help me. No go. He said my double vision was very bad and “all over the place” and like my Ophthalmologist said prisms would help very little. I only wear mild reading glasses and it would require new sets of glasses with prisms being made up which would probably only cause more frustration always trying to figures out which glasses to put on. Looks as if I just have to continue the way I have been. I am getting used to the double vision but I sure miss driving – it’s been two years.

          I too, wish all of you Americans a safe and happy July 4th weekend wherever you are. Take care. SAS

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            I just had prisms put on my glasses for double vision and they are correcting my double vision from the Graves Disease. I would like for someone to tell me how they work.

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