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      Hi all, it’s been almost 2 months(July 1st) since I had radiation to the eyes. I’ve been fine. No tiredness,no eye problems(as promised by the doc)The puffiness is much better. It’s still there but anyone who doesn’t know me, doesn’t see it. The retracting eyelid had stopped. The double vision is pretty much the same. If I’m not tired it is easier to watch TV.BUT IT HAS NOT GOTTEN WORSE.I see the surgeon on the 4th of Sept.I’m curious to know what the latest measurements are.Even tho bulging wasn’t showing, my right eye moved back 6 mil. after the 10th treatment.I’m now a firm believer that radiation to the eyes is the way to go when caught early before scar tissue has a chance to form.I am not going to get worse(please God,cross my fingers) For those who have weird nails as one of their symptoms, my doc told me I was level. I said Can’t be, cause my nails are weird. She said to give it a little while as the prednisone I was on for the radiation can make one hyper.Sure enough, they are normal again.and I’m feeling level too.YES!!!! I thought I would report on the possibility that it can start to work out for you.Radiation cut down the waiting time,but it still takes time to work your way through it all. It will be at least 6 more months before I’m considered stable enough to have surgery for the double vision.But I can see the light at the end of this weird tunnel. The BB has been my strength along the way. Best wishes and luck too you all…..Gwen

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