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      Hi, Katie!

      I’ve already posted these tips that I’ve collected over years many
      times, but they’re worth repeating – especially for warriors like
      you with continued eye problems. Here goes…

      Dryness, irritation, excessive tearing, and aches are due to retraction
      of the eyelids that do not close completely at night. Here are some
      tips that may help relieve your discomfort:
      *Use lubricating ointment (LacriLube, Refresh PM, Tears Renewed) at
      night. You may also want to tape your eyes shut with first aid tape
      for sensitive skin (3M – one inch or wider), or tie a silk scarf or
      bandana around your head and cover your eyes. Saran wrap over the
      eyes also keeps moisture in.
      *Use artificial tears (Celluvisc, Tears Naturale, HypoTears) during
      the day.
      *Elevate your head with pillows, provided it doesn’t hurt your neck too
      *Tilt your bed (2 wooden blocks under the legs at the end of the bed
      will make gravity work to your advantage).
      *Wear tinted glasses for protection against the sun, wind, and foreign
      bodies. It also helps avoid those “staring” incidences from others.
      *Take a warm steamy bath or a dip in a hot tub (moisture in the air).
      *Use a humidifier in your bedroom to keep the air moist.
      *Avoid drafts, i.e.ceiling fans, open windows.
      *Use hot or cold compresses, whichever feels better.
      *Use cucumber slices on closed eyes (cool & supposedly has enzymes that
      sooth the eye, or try tofu, which is supposed to be soft, cool, and mushy.
      *Make a conscious effort to blink, the more the better, the longer
      the better.
      *If you are a smoker, stopping will improve the appearance of your eyes,
      minimize irritation, and decrease the likelihood of severe involvement.
      Tobacco worsens the autoimmune attack for unknown reasons.

      Wishing you health and happiness, Debby

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