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      I had gone for the Fat decompression surgery and I have to say my doctor
      did a wonderful job cosmetically after 2 1/2 years I finally look normal.
      Now in October I will be having surgery done to correct the doublevision.
      The weirdest thing is starting to happen now, I have had severe doublevision
      for the longest time but since this surgery which had nothing to do with the
      actual eye muscles but when I get up first thing in the morning a see single.
      The first time it happened I actually cried I havent seen single in over 2 years.
      But after about 15 mins the eyes get out of whack again. Its a funny feeling
      I actually get queasy from it. Why would this happen now, did this happen to
      anyone after fat decomp surgery? I will see my doctor tommorrow.

      Thanks Gia

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