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      There are three schools of thought on how to treat Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) and they are taught at a few different universities. I think that is why you are getting two different views of how to treat your current situation.

      One school says to wait until there are changes in the visual field before decompressions are done. You have no changes in visual fields. They also say to wait at least six months for the eyes to stabilize to avoid further surgery to correct double vision and lid retraction.

      A second school shoots for decompression first to save the optic nerve from decompression in the first place and then follow up with surgery to correct double vision and lid lag later.

      A third shoots for orbital radiation first before decompression or other surgeries so save the eye from surgery that may not be needed after orbital radiation.

      Which of the three are correct? In a sense all three are for different reasons. That is where you need to talk with your doctors why they have differing opinions. The ultimate result will be you will have to decide which one you feel best about and what you are more comfortable with.

      My eye doctor went the route of waiting until the eyes were stable, doing the strabismus for double vision, then I needed a lower lid adjustment, followed by decompressions and upper lid adjustment. I had orbital radiation after all of that.

      It is hard when we are not medically savvy to know what may be best for us. But remember the doctor’s work for you. Let them talk together with you and decide what is best for you that you feel comfortable with.

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        Post count: 93172

        I am going to be going to a surgeon soon to discuss surgery options. I have diplopia and protopsis, dry and irritated eyes. My MRI and visual fields are ok. One set of doctors want to do the decompressin first and not worry about if the TED progression has stopped and the others say to do the eye muscles and lids first but definitely wait until there is no more TED progression for 6 months.

        What is the correct order of procedures and when do you start?

        What have others done and had success at?


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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