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      There”s some confusion about this treatment. It is not a cure. It will in almost every case stablize the eyes. If caught in the early stages before the muscles are too enlarged and there is bad scar tissue,then there can be some reversal.In my case, my eyes responded by the 10th and last treatment.MY right eye moved back 6mil.The puffiness in my eyes is much better and will probably go away by itself as the muscles go back to normal size.The Chemosis(eggy kind of goobers)will go away.My double vision is verrry slooooly getting better,but In 6-10 months I will most likely need surgery to correct it. Then guess what?? I will be done!!! I will not have to wait 6 months to 3 years waiting to stablize. I can’t take the high dose of prednisone (which stabilizes too) so my eyes would just keep getting worse.The only thing frightening about radiation to the eyes is the wrong doctor.My radiologist said he never had anyone with bad side effects and promised I would be fine, which I was and am. It’s only 26 days since and I’m on the road to getting better.I can give an 800 number to help find a doctor near you. My doctors are at Wills eye and PA hosps. in Phila. PA. The Endo,radiologist,Optho and surgeon all know each other and work together too.It’s not as” together” as the Mayo. It’s just these particular drs.They are trying to get more Drs. to understand Graves. Once again,for those who are experiencing eye problems in the early stages before scar tissue gets bad,radiation to the eyes will stop the progression and you can start getting better.But you must check out the doctor and hospital doing it. Make sure they have worked on Graves patients and eyes.There should be only 10 treatments altogether. That is the latest up-date.You can E-mail me if there are any questions. Enjoy your Saturday……Gwen

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