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      Hi Joe. I had the radiation treatment in ’93 and it’s really no big thing. The main purpose is to stabilize the eye muscles to keep them from getting worse. You could also lose some eyebrow hair (I didn’t) The success rate I’ve heard is claimed to be 80%.

      Side affects are minimal with a remote possibility of causing Cataracts which is why they go to great lengths during the procedure to protect the lenses. They will also watch your white cell count during the treatments.

      The standard treatment is 2000 Rads over 10 sessions in a two week period.

      I have a picture of myself all set up and ready to be zapped at

      Have fun! Bruce

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        Hi All,

        I’m going to see my eye doc within the next two weeks. He suggested that I might want to do the eye radiation treatment. I have eye pain and pressure occasionally and pretty much constant swelling. Although I do still have days where this is barely noticable.
        How dangerous is this treatment ? Is there a risk for cancer? What are the chances of success ? Is it a good idea if your eye problems are not severe ? Does it improve the cosmetic appearance by reducing the bags under the eye ? I’d apprecaite anyones input on this.
        Thank you,


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