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      Okay, finished my shopping and had to come back to finish what I wanted to say.

      This morning, I woke up and had the usual stress-related cold sore ( plus it was about 50 degrees in my room),pain in the right eye and a sore on thr roof of my mouth. Read about this stuff (fiber) that’s supposed to keep the sugar levels low in type II diabetes..(see earlier post on nutrition)
      Still experimenting but I did notice that the sore mouth stopped, the eye that was really aching stopped and the cold sore didn’t give off any pain at all. I will still do experiments on myself, so watch for updates please.

      I also checked on lymph node problems. Now here’s something interesting. Radiation can cause some weird things to your lymph nodes.
      Did I forget the adrenal glands too? Yep, there’s that possibility.


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