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      In my case I went through three hot phases (very unusual) and needed strabismus surgery five times. The surgery is very simple and in my case I had no pain at all.

      Some people feel like they have something in their eye for a few days but I did not have that. It is a very simple surgery and takes less than an hour in most cases.

      For one of them I was put under for less than ten minutes. When I woke up the doctor adjusted the slip knot tied into my eye muscles to align the eyes and when they were right she tied off the knot. It was that simple. I used an antibiotic eye cream that bothered me more than the surgery.

      Other than that I would not hesitate to have it done again if needed.

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        Hello, I was browsing through some old postings and saw that you have had eye muscle surgery before (My vague memory seems to think so). In a high level, does it hurt? Do you have severe brusing and vision problem after the surgery? I believe I need eye muscle surgery after my last 2 orbital decompression to re-align my eyes and get rid of the double vision. My problem eye seems to be lower after the eyes went back to it’s orbit socket after the decompressions..


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          This is my first time posting. I was diagnosed with graves diesease in March of 2007. I have problems with double vision. Has anyone had eye muscle surgery & could you tell me if it helps?

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            I’ve been waiting for some of those here who had the surgery to weigh in — and they haven’t.

            So — I have not had the surgery. But there have been posts in the past which addressed the question you asked about it. You could try running a “Search” using the word “Strabismus” or “Strabismus Surgery” which I think is the term used in the posts.

            If I remember correctly, Jake has had this surgery, and described it, early in the Board’s existence. The patient is alert, and aware (if numbed) during the surgery, and gives the doctor information about how his adjustments to the eye muscles are affecting their vision. Jake indicated that it is a rather benign surgery (as surgeries go), inasmuch as it does not involve a general anesthesia, and that it did help. Whether or not the doctor is able to eliminate double vision probably depends significantly upon the degree of the problem.

            I hope this helps, and I also hope that one of the folks who have had the surgery comes online and posts to you to give you encouragement.

            Wishing you a happy holiday,
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              I want to add to the good information Bobbi gave you that if you’re fairly newly diagnosed, your doctor will certainly want you to wait until your eyes are completely stable before doing any surgery. I’m sure you’ve been told that.

              Also, generally the eye muscle surgery may not be the first surgery done, as if your eye muscles are swollen and pushing your eyes forward, some people consider having decompression surgery first. Ten years ago that surgery wasn’t often done unless vision was threatened, but these days techniques have been improved so much that patients have it done many times to improve their appearance as much as to reduce exposure and pressure issues. I had mine done for those reasons and it was the surgery that did the most for restoring comfort and appearance for me.

              You can find someone here who has gone through just about any procedure you are curious about. I haven’t had the strabismus surgery, but my brother-in-law has, and he tells it just as Bobbi described it. He said his pain was minimal and he found the whole procedure to be very minor.

              I understand that for most people the surgery doesn’t correct the double vision in all gazes, unfortunately; but the rest can be helped with prisms in eyeglasses. I have prisms ground in to my prescriptions and they help me except when I’m tired or having an off day.

              Welcome to the board, and please tell us more about yourself if you have the time.

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