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      Hi all.
      Well.. went to my ophthamologist appointment.
      He said there was no nerve damage, and my perscription for my contacts havent changed in the past year (which is good).
      He told me all the endos in Dallas were a-holes, so im feeling quite positive now. :/
      Oh and he also told me.. he cant be my regular eye doctor…why?
      Because i dont need an ophthamologist.. I need an ophthamaltic surgeon (??)
      Anyone else have one of those?
      I’m all confused.

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        Hi Sue,
        The doctor I see for my Graves eyes is an Orbit & Ocular Oncology Specialist. He is an excellent surgeon and deals with many Graves eye patients. I can tell from seeing other patients in his waiting room and often at this point I feel so lucky that my eyes are not back at that tearing and puffy stage. We also have a Graves’ Orbitopathy Department at one of our hospitals here.

        I don’t know what stage your eyes are at but you should get them checked out by someone who is well versed in Graves eye disease and you will probably find out that he/she is a surgeon as well. Hopefully you will never have to have surgery but if you are under the care of a doctor who is watching your symptoms any treatment necessary can start early.

        Good luck. SAS

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          Hi Sue,
          In reading your e-mail I was just wondering too, why your optho
          would refer you to a surgeon for you eyes if he does not feel your optic nerve is
          in danger. Did he want him to just look at your eyes in case there is a possibility
          down the road that you may need surgery. That may be a question to call up and ask him.
          You may phrase it this way:”I was thinking about what you said about seeing an
          occuplastic/optho surgeon and do you think there is a need for this at this time?”
          Unless he is being overly cautious. Unless he ment a Graves’ eye specialist or
          a neuro-opthamologist.

          For my eyes I see on an intermittent basis I see a neuro-opthamologist,
          a cornea/cataract specialist and sometimes I need to see the surgeon
          for another opinion.

          Well wish you luck and find a doctor you feel comfortable with.


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            The doctor said that there’s no way I can go through life with my eyes this big.
            He said eventually I will need surgery.
            So I may as well get it done while I’m young.
            I now have to put in eye drops every hour, and some gooky cream in at night.
            I have to wait until my insurance kicks in.
            Oh yea.. I got a job, and my insurance starts the day I start work.
            It’s going to be an HMO I think. Not too sure exactly what that is.
            Anyone have an experience with this?
            I want eye surgery… my eyes are too big. I’m tired of being stared at wherever I go.
            When can I start being normal? :(

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              My ophthalmologist/orbital surgeon is Dr. John Harrington in Dallas. He was recommended by Gwen’s optho in Pennsylvania. I think he’s very competent but jury’s still out on whether he will ultimately help me get my normal eyes back or not. He also treats the Stars hockey team (woo woo).


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