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      My doc says there is nothing I can do about my bulging and tearing.
      He wont give me steroids because because of my previous battles with
      breast cancer, the estrogen loss, and the resulting ostioperosis.
      I am a 40 year old female and am sick of the constant battles my body
      puts me through. Has anyone had any success with alternative approaches
      similar eye problems?

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        Sorry that you have so much trama to carry.

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          Has anyone with TED experienced more swelling and proptosis in one eye than the other?

          Just went to my quarterly opth visit, and I noticed it a couple months ago, my left eye is protruding more than the right. The white is more visible above the left iris than the right, which has made me feel very self-conscious. I feel I can’t look people in the eyes when I talk; I often look down or squint to make my eyes look more normal.

          Sure enough, the measurements are 23 in my right eye and 25 in the left, a change since my last visit. But since I’m still in the “hot” phase, my doctor won’t consider any treatment like radiation or surgery.
          He says radiation can have serious side effects on your eyes, vision, etc. and scared me half to death discussing orbital decompression.

          Anyone suffering from similar problems with their eyes? I am curious as to what other doctors advise their patients, especially regarding surgery and when its most effective.

          I don’t want to look like a freak with one eye popping out more than the other (even though theye’re not that severe), but I don’t want to end up with 10 surgeries either.

          Thanks for your feedback,


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            Hi Renee,

            Just wanted to add my 2 cents on the eye radiation. I have had the decompressions prior to the eye radiation. After I had the eye radiation I started to hear from the medical community that orbital radiation is not effective. High doses of prednasone in conjunction with or taken alone seem to have the same effect on the eyes getting better as radiation alone.

            Need to talk to your eye doctor to discuss options. The decompression is a serious surgery but it was a sight saver for me. I do not regret one bit that I had them done. What a fantastic difference for me.

            Vision is back to 20/25 and eyes feel great.

            We are only a click away for any questions.

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              Jake, what are you doing up at this hour????

              Renee, it is really common for one eye to bulge more than the other, or for lids to be retracted different amounts. Sometimes the other eye will “catch up” at a later time, perhaps even after the first eye has been surgically repaired. Just about anything can happen with the eye disease, so luckily for most people the most severe forms never happen.

              The eye disease and what “might” happen was very scary for me, but I got through it by dealing with each problem that came up when it was possible to do something. It eventually does end, and the surgeries are usually effective for restoring a more normal function and appearance. Don’t worry about having ten surgeries, just think about each one you need when the time comes. Jake has had MANY surgeries, and he looks great! :)

              Best wishes,
              Dianne W

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