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      For anyone interested in following the progress of osteoporosis caused by Graves, here is my latest update, and I must say I am HAPPY !

      Last year I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis (at 42). My doctor
      prescribed alendronate. I have taken it for a year now. 2 weeks ago
      I had a bone density scan to determine my progress. Compared to the scan I had one year ago, the report said “marked improvement”.

      The tech who actually performed the scan told me that after taking alendronate for one year, even if the scan showed the exact same results as the previous scan, it would be considered progress. –In other words, “no further deterioration” would be considered evidence that alendronate was working. However, not only was there” no further deterioration”, but I had measurable improvement.

      I’m still taking ATDs, which have put my labs in normal range and I also take a calcium supplement.

      I really hope this can help someone else in some way. It was such a wonderful feeling to see a report marking progress. I have felt that I was taking steps backward for so long now, but there IS hope. The drug is a bit difficult to take because it has rather strict dosing requirements, but in my case DEFINITELY worth it.

      Regard to everyone—glad to have the board back.

      Valerie L.

      P.S. I’m taking alendronate for another year at least, since I still have osteoporosis. The hope is to build even more bone density. I forgot to ask my doctor if maintaining the present density is dependent on continuing the drug??

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