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      i cant find this information
      is there another way to get there?

      thanks, steve

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        If you havent read it yet ..the article about the bioequivalency of levothyroxine sodium..sure is scarey…..i needed a new refill and talked to the pharmacist about it Revco and he wants a copy. He couldnt blieve it!!!!!! They said that some thyroid replacement that we may have been taking has had a 30 percent variance either up or down….MY GOD…that is a huge difference for us sensative ones…..and what about someone with an underlying heart condition????? That would mean for instance that if you take .1 that sometimes you may take .070 or 130????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        To see this report thanks to Mary Schoman…go to Minging comanies
        home age and hit health and then thyroid……scroll down until you see the article about levothyroxine sodium and then follow the instructions to see the whole report……..I think that we should all made two for our drs and one for the pharmacists….they may start to understand what
        we say when we tell them we feel tired then nervous, etc………and the fact that they have until the year 2000 kind of disgusts me………no it really digusts me totally!!!!!!!!!!

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