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      I was reading about GD being possibly triggered by emotional situation.
      I think mine was brought on by the situation of my parents health
      failing and my taking responsibility for their care. My father had a
      series of progressively debilitating strokes and my mother got leukemia
      at about the same time. He became increasingly mentall dimenished and
      she had no will to live. This was in 1993. Had to move them from their
      rural remote village home to suburb care center. Shortly thereafter, I
      started having symptoms. I guess, I wasn’t raised to show or acknowledge
      much emotion, so this was a chance for my “inner self” or whatever to
      get me some experience,emotionally.
      With me running hyper in ’94 and using beta blockers, xanax, and freqently
      adjusted doses of Tapazole, I was “feeling some emotion” big time for
      the first time in my life. Then at the beginning of ’95 my 19 year old
      nephew commited suicide, my father died, my favorite uncle died, and my
      mother died, and someone blew up a building 35 blocks from my house killing
      168 of my community members. This all happened in four months.
      Things have smoothed out since then. I think I learned a lot about
      emotions. I’m sure I couldn’t have had the intensity of emotion without
      the Grave Disease through all this. I am grateful for it allowing me
      to experience what I needed to experience. I hope I got from it what
      I needed for this lifetime.

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