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      Hi all. . .It’s six 1/2 months after RAI, and three months after starting thyroid replacement. I’m finally starting to feel good again!! Last week my pulse went higher and I dropped five pounds, and this week I’m still feeling more like my old self than I can almost remember, and I’ve dropped a couple more pounds. I had rather wondered if my endo was abusing me by leaving the replacement dose as low as it was (0.75), but apparently he had his reasons. (I still have about half a normal sized thyroid left.)

      When I had the RAI in late June, I thought it was going to fix my “problems” in a matter of weeks or a month. . .I had no idea of the difficulties ahead. I was starting to doubt whether I’d ever feel good again for awhile there. . .now, if my thyroid will only keep quiet and stop the rapid changing, perhaps I’m through the worst of this! My eyes seem to be stable and possibly improving slightly, as well.

      I still think RAI was the right choice for me, as I didn’t want to risk the scenario of taking anti-thyroid medications and the accompanying difficulties, and then possibly going through the whole process again.
      Now, hopefully I can get back to the gym and my bike riding, and get rid of those other ten+ pounds I gained (yes, another gainer) with GD. For those of you concerned about that, I think it’s difficult to avoid some weight gain during the treatment process for most of us, but if we’re careful, it doesn’t need to be anything extreme.

      I’m reading the posts of those of you just starting your treatment, and wish you well!

      Dianne N

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        Hi Dianne! So you found your silver lining. It’s always good to see you on the BB. I’m so glad you’re feeling better, and Congrats on your gradual weight loss! Minnesota has some beautiful bike trails – if you’re in the area! :)

        I look forward to more home page updates! Take Care, Debby

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          My mother has graves disease (she’s 50) and is having a hard time
          dealing with the wieght gain, constant itching, and depression. She tries
          to be optomistic, but this becomes hard for her as more and more time
          goes by (she’s on her 2nd dose of the iodine pill). I scanned this bulletin
          board in hopes of finding some support for what she’s going through.
          Your words on how well you are doing were just what she needed to hear.
          She’s worried that this is it – that she’s never going to lose the wieght,
          never going to feel like she did “before”. I printed out your entry to help
          give her encouragement to remain hopeful. Thank you so much – I wish
          more people out there – that have made it through the battle – posted
          their triumphs. It serves as a light at the end of the tunnel for those left
          in the dark.

          I do want to ask you, did you exercise when you were undergoing
          the treatment? My mom’s dr said it really wouldn’t do her much good
          since her metabolism is all out of wack. With that, were you advised
          of any special diet to discourage weight gain? My my is over her
          pregnancy/delivery wieght…..and her face has ballooned!

          Most especially – from what you’ve heard, what is the overall outlook
          of having this disease? (length, treatment, feeling normal again)

          thank you !!!

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