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      Jake and I have also gotten that response from sas’ e-mail and others!
      Is there something we all need to know, people?


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        Thanks so much Shannon. Our NEW e-mail address is Our server was bought out. We were told we had to change our address because we had too many letters in it. They were to let us know when the new one was in effect. Obviously they did not. I just called. Unfortunately there may even be another change before November 30 when things will be finalized.

        What a pain letting everyone know and changing letterheads etc. I don’t need this extra stress – but whatever. I guess this is the new world of communication.

        Have a good day everybody – keep smiling!!! SAS

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          I tried returning your email several times but
          it kept coming back and said “permanent
          fatal errors, user unknown” I’ve never had this
          problem with your email before. I will try emailing
          the message again. Let me know if there is a change
          in your server though.

          Love, Shannon.

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            Thanks for the info! been trying to send to you and keeps coming back! Now I know why!

            Happy days and Healthy Life,

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