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      Dhea, if it’s too high can do real bad things: for instance: My DHEA level was too high and I had a menstrual cycle that went for at least a month and then some. At times, I thought that I would bleed to death. And this wasn’t your typical type: This was downright heavy!
      I’m not so sure about taking the DHEA anymore.
      Now, this is a good one. Try to figure this one out.. Auricularia auricula judae (Jew’s Ear) is a mushroom that grows on Willow trees. It’s supposed to help cancer patients and also Diabetics keep their sugar levels , well, level.
      I can’t seem to find it other than asian food stores. I was wondering if there is someone else who is making this product, other than Japan. It’s been tested on 2500 Japanese who are diabetic and it had helped them.
      On the Hiroshima and Nagasaki thing.. yes, your spelling is correct. Sometimes I hear people pronouncing it incorrectly. That’s when I cringe!

      Well, any ideas, let me know…
      Ann Nopeman

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