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      Hello Peoples!

      Pat attention to the posted warnings on echinacea.
      In general you should know the classification of any herb you take, in other words, is it a stimulant,expectorant, carthetic, tonic etc.
      Drugs were originally all plant derivatives and many designer drugs are variations on plant properties. Herbs are potentially potent and vary according to their conditions of growth, harvest, handling, age etc.

      There are others herbs which are also immune system stimulators.
      Be careful!! there is some discussion out there in the health food store world that Echinacea is actually a modulator, not a stimulator…now if that is so then they won;t sell as much to folks who want to kick their Immune system into gear ( like AIDS patients) because in the past it was highly touted for stimulating…but then the Auto Immune Disease Patient is a pretty big group of folks… changing the reputation of an herb won’t change what it does to you.

      Even if you no longer have a thyroid, rememeber it wasn’t the thyroid that necessarily started the problems and you have other smooth proteins ( like the sheath on the eyes) is you restimulate the misshapen antibodies that attack the thyroid and other body proteins.

      WEIGHT and tapazole…first every BODY is different…remember some gain weight when hyper but most of us lose weight when hyper so for those “most of us” as the Tapazole or any other ATD slows down your metabolic processes you need less food to perform the same functions. Avoid non nutritive foods…like sugar and white flour. Be sure and get adequate clean lean proteins to rebuild from the muscle wasting ( a hyper symptom)which is what burns fat in the body, active muscle.
      Systematically reduce the amount you eat and drink lots of pure water.
      Your body has been jerked around in metabolic chaos, you have to find the new right place to lose and then maintain. BUT YOU CAN!!!

      Best wishes!

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