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    Putting in Celluvisc or Lacri-lube at bedtime and taping eyelids closed overnight helps.

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    Dry eyes. A poem by Jake George. Dry eyes, Hurt like hell! Thank you thank you very much.
    I like poetry short and to the point. Now enough kidding around. Symptoms of dry aye are
    excessive tearing, burning and a tell tale red line across the eyes in the morning where
    your eye lids opened during the night and dried out your eyes. The key here is what you do
    today will affect how your eyes feel tomorrow. If you do not use enough drops today tomorrow
    will be a bugger. I can only speak for me how my eyes feel before I realize I let them get
    to dry. I feel like I scratched my eye and I cannot stop the eye from watering. When this
    happens only two things make it feel better (but both things make seeing next to impossable).
    Celuvisc eye drops or Duo Lube in the eye three times a day for about four to five days in a
    row will do the trick.

    I talked to the rep from an eyeglass company call Tura. They make a frame that is ideal for
    folks with GD. It is called the Tura 205 and has a nose bridge that puts all the weight on
    the bridge of the nose as opposed to the sides fo the nose. An added plus is it sets the
    glasses out further from the face so our eyes don’t touch the lenses. They also have a deep
    side that allows for thick prisms and you can still close the temples. The weight on the
    bridge of the nose supports the weight of the prisms well too. They only make one style of
    frames but men and women can wear them. If you have orbital decompression or swelling around
    eyes check these frames out. This is not an endorsment by the NGDF just my personnal experience.
    The frame was not desighned for folks with GD it was actually made for blacks and asians because
    it fit the bridge of the nose better. It also works great for those of us with poppy eyes.
    My local eye doctor recommended them and I will never buy anything else.

    I talked with Annette in the CHAT room last night and got some on the job training. Thursday is
    a go. Look forward to talking to you all and as always drop a post with questions and I will try
    to keep up.

    On-line facilitator

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    Hey everyone,

    Do you always end up having problems with your eyes? Or do some people not have this?

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    Hi theresa

    Many people with Graves’ have little or no problem with the eyes. Some, like me, have the eye problem but no thyroid trouble.


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    Jerry Lee Lewis once said it “Goodness Gratious GREAT BALLS OF FIRE” but
    it doesn’t have to be that way. One major thing my eye doc told me and it
    took awhile for me to realize it was true is what you do today will determine
    how your eyes feel tomorrow. Lube your eyes at night. Use saran wrap if you
    need to or tape your eyelids closed. Use drops at least every two hours as
    a minimum. Most eye drops do well. Preservitive free ones work best. Bausch
    and Lomb and Alcan both make excelent products. For really dry eyes the
    best thing I found was Celuvisc. It’s like putting syrup in you eyes but
    it works very well. It does make it hard to see for about the first 20 min.
    or so but they work well.

    Get to an eye doctor to see how much exposure there is in your eyes. An
    easy self test is to look at your eyes in the mirror the first thing in
    the morning. If you notice a distinct red area across the bottom of your
    eyes and the red area has a good line between where it is red and where it
    is not that will tell you that your eyes are not closing when you are asleep.
    This will also tell you you did not use enough lube in yours eyes that night.

    The same thing works during the day. if your eyes feel dry go look in
    the mirror to see if you have the red area at the bottom of your eyes. This
    will tell you your eyes do not close all the way when you blink. It also
    tells you you are not using enough eye drops and you need to blink hard about
    four times every twenty minutes or so to help keep the eyes wet. If you do
    not take care of your eyes you could damage the corneas. Got to go back to work.

    Jake George

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