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      Hello All,
      I just wanted to tell you of my follow-ups with my doctors today.
      I was diagnosed May 7th with Grave’s Opth, and sent to an Endocrinologist on the 21st. Was put on Inderal & Tapezole, each 3 x a day. Today I went back to both, had vision tests at Dr, Gigantelli, and then met with Dr. Gardner. Dr. Gardner is slowly taking me off the Inderal this week, and having me take the Tapezole only 1 x a day for two months. He said that since I had last been there he had also run an antibodies test on me and said I had Grave’s with my thyroid–so now I do have both invlovement of eyes and thyroid. We discussed RAI and surgery, and HE said we will wait 2 more months and then discuss it again. He said he does not want to do RAI right now because my eyes are involved and he wants to take no chances. I feel good in that he is not pressuring me to do any drastic measures just yet.
      So, we have 2 more months to see how things are working out. I feel really blessed in having found these two doctors right off.
      The only downside is that the Inderal it seems, has given me a little taste of Asthma–according to the Dr. I cough all the time. Maybe I had it before, but never knew it, because it did get worse the last 6 weeks.
      Well, enough of this long post. Thanks for everyone’s advice, I sure do appreciate it alot.

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