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      Well. I survived another doctors visit. I really hate having an
      annual done, but at least that was normal and my doctor is really
      good. I just wish there was someway to have it done that didn’t make
      it feel so, ummm, degrading. At least we talked about the Graves and
      my meds. I don’t have to take the propranolol any more (which is going
      to save us a bundle when the new percription plan on my medical takes
      effect in July). I still have to take the PTU. Uggghhh!. At least I’m
      starting to get used to having everything taste like it.

      One nice thing, I asked if I could have copies of my lab reports and
      they had them ready for me as soon as I got out of the examination room.
      So I now have a nice little folder of my own. The tests covered TSH and
      free T4. Now I just have to sit down with my reference books and figure
      things out for myself.

      Well, back to work. Hope to see you all in chat tonight!

      Jean C

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