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      Normally the thyroid levels have nothing to do with the eyes if you have Graves’ eye disease. It must be treated as a separate disease by your ophthalmologist. I also have double vision and am having surgery for it soon, no experience with the prisms tho.


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        I’ve just been prescribed 4 diopter prisms to correct a recent double vision problem.
        I was hypo-T and then went to Graves about 2 ys ago. Did I131.
        Syntroid adjustment seems continual. Just got reduced. Does the change in
        synthroid dose having anything to do with the double vision? I see lots
        of chat about eye problem and just discovered this bulletin board.
        Stories sound familiar. Do the prisms show after the lenses are ground?
        Though I’m very near sighted I’ve got the high index lenses so hardly
        anyone can tell. Eye doc saw in the chart that my synthroid dose had been
        a little high but didn’t comment. I have a little other history in the previous posting.
        Info would be appreciated.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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