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      Hi Julie! How long have you had the eye disease? changes in the double vision are quite possible during the course of this stuff. Although I had the eye surgery to straighten mine, my right eye still wanders around some and I try to avoid night driving as much as possible.


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        Hi Bruce,
        RAI 10/94. First double vision in 8/96. Noticied dry, scratchy eyes
        around this time too. Got prisms around mid 11/96. Double vision back now as of last week.
        No confirmation of Graves Opthalmology but I’m going to make an appointment
        with the optometrist next week and specifically discuss graves and see
        what she says blus double vision gets old real quick. I think it is a good possibility
        that it is G.O. but then again it
        could be that I’m just no spring chicken any more. (I’m a grand old 43.)
        I have always been very near sighted. But then again I have one eye that
        sticks out more than the other too. (One of my colleagues the other day
        asked what I did to my left eye because it was swolen enough for
        her to notice.) My synthroid dose was lowered a couple of months ago
        too. What do you think Dr. Bruce? How does this stuff progress?

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          Hi Gang!
          I have the PC still for a while, just don’t know exactly how long.
          Will find out sometime next week more about the job.

          Question for you. I thought the double vision would go away with
          the prisms I got a about 2 months ago. Last week the double vision came back.
          Driving again is a nightmare especially at night when you are
          already tired and you have to close one eye to see. You know what the
          other eye (and brain) wants to do. This could be deadly. Daytime isn’t
          fun either. Anyone out there have any experiences with getting prisms just
          to have things come back/change again. Is this common? Any more ideas
          on the possible progression? Yes, next week I will schedule an appt with my
          optometrist. Hope to hear from you.

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            Hi Julie. Dr. Bruce, huh? Don’t think you’d want me to operate on you with my credentials (none) hehe.

            Sure sounds like it could possibly be G. O., hope you can go to an Ophthalmologist instead of an Optometrist though. They seem to know very little about Graves’ from my experience. I kept going to an optometrist who told me I had allergies. Think that’s one reason I now have nerve damage. (my professional opinion :) )

            Hey, to me your a youngster!


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              Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I was diagnosed with
              Grave’s Disease at 9 years of age and had surgery to remove the
              goiter/thyroid gland at 16 years old. I had problems with exopthalmos
              prior to the surgery, but my eyes were completely normal several months
              later. I am now 47 years old, and have lived a fairly normal life with
              few thyroid problems other than a Synthroid dosage change every so often.
              The thyroid illness was a problem so many years ago that I rarely think
              about it. Suddenly, about 3 weeks ago, I experienced double vision when
              looking up and to the right. I am experiencing a numb-like feeling
              across the nose and under both eyes. Large, well lighted places such as
              the grocery store, my classroom, etc. seem to bother my eyes in a way
              that is a bit difficult to describe. My eyes are tearing, and a bit
              puffy, and I’m having quite a few headaches. My doctor sent me to a well
              respected opthomologist in our area, who promptly ordered a CT Scan.
              I was told that my eye muscles–both eyes–are enlarged due to my
              thyroid disease. I have no other information and no return appointment.
              I was completely surprised to learn that Grave’s Disease could cause eye
              problems over 30 years later, and to a person who has been on medication
              consistently all those years, has taken diligent care with regular blood
              tests, etc. I am curious about this. . . can a person experience these
              “Thyroid Eye” problems after successful surgery 30 years prior, with no
              other symptoms of thyroid disease? Do these problems disappear
              eventually? Concerned about adverse affects on reading, driving, etc.
              and what to expect. Appreciate any information, and if anyone else has
              experienced such a thing after a 30 year stint with no thyroid trouble.

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                Hi Rita! I have had GD for only 3 yrs and I do have double vision.
                If you have read over the past months of this BB, please do. It can
                give you some helpful hints. Like natural tears to help relieve some
                of the eye irratition. I do advise you to read-read-read, the more
                you know the less worried you become. My eyes after 3 years are
                starting to be better, I have less bulging, less double vision. Most
                people do not go beyond a little swelling and eye irratation. I hope
                that you will not be in the 10-15% that has problems like myself.
                If your Opthamologist can not give you answers, check with another.
                I have found the smart thing to do is ask if they are experienced
                with GD prior to making the apt. Margie

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                  Sorry to hear your blight. I have not experience your exact problem but I have been battleing with this disease for over 20 years. At the present time i have minor dry eye problems in both eyes but I lost a good portion of my site from a clot or kink in the vein that runs into the back of the eye about 4 years ago.
                  What I have learned is ther is no one who can truly understands all the connections with this disease and eye problems. Find an ophthamologist that specializes in graves eye problems and do not ignore any unusual symptoms. Once we loss the sight it doesn’t come back.

                  Is there any one who had eye problems that resolved and then again became hyper and received radioactive iodine out there and can tellme if their eyes were affected. Since I only have one good eye left I am afraid to take a chance but having repeat surgery could affect my voice or parathyroids. Thank you.

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                    Thanks very much for your message. I am pretty disappointed at the return
                    of my old nemesis, and caught unaware because we weren’t told about the
                    possibility of these things all those years ago. There is more information,
                    apparently, now. I have a lot of catching up to do. I wish you good luck
                    with your eye problems and hope that things will work out well for you.

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