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      I was diagnosed with Graves Disease just over three years
      ago and treated with RAI (a particularly big dose as I had
      one of the biggest Graves goiters my endo had ever seen!)

      When I became hypo I wa put on Synthroid and I’ve since bee
      pretty good health once the appropriate dose was established.
      But recently I’ve had a couple of synptoms
      that have been been bothering me. If you’re a Graves expert
      (self-appointed is fine!), I’d really appreciate your

      1) Once again I’m itchy, itchy. I’m treating this with
      OTC 1 per cent hydrocortisone. Pre-Graves treatment my endo
      used to prescribe stronger hydrocortisones and anti-
      histamines like Benadryl. Would this help me again (given
      that theoretically I am “cured”)

      2) More disturbingly I’ve noticed that I’m troubled by
      double vision at times. Sometimes I catch myself closing
      one eye when I’m reading up close and if I have to look at
      several objects in the distance, I get confused trying to
      figure out what is reality. (Pre-treatment I had similar
      problems with vision but it cleared up spontaneously).
      Does this sound like a manifestation of Graves? I’m currently
      a little stressed (I’m out of work) so I wonder if it
      could just be a stress-related condition?

      3) Would the likelihood of my developing eye problems
      be linked to the fact that I had had to take a specially
      large dose of RAI?

      4) Assuming the double vision doesn’t go away — and I
      should probably mention that it is only sporadic — what
      treatment is available? Is surgery usually only advised in
      serious cases?

      Thank you for your help.



      medication help me again?

        Post count: 93172

        Suzanne, I developed double vision six months after my Graves Disease was treated.
        It began intermittently,and then more often and then regularly. It has
        not been easy and I have had three eye surgeries and 3 injections of
        botulinum toxin, designed to work on the muscles of the eye.
        Who have you been to specifically about the double vision? Have you
        seen a neuro-opthalmologist? (Usually at a teaching hospital). Did you
        have thyroid storm? The doctor who performed surgery on me and who uses
        botulinum toxin,(BT) a “contorversial” approach, says BT works best if
        it is used early and can save potential surgeries.
        It has been a long road and I don’t want to say more until I know more. You are
        welcome to e-mail me. I live in Richmond, Va.
        At this point I am doing well, and I hope to keep doing well. But it
        is important that you get diagnosed thoroughly now.

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