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      I don’t know if all clinics or physicians operate the same, but I do know that at my clinic, the doctors do their own coding for the claims. Here’s a suggestion. Talk to the doctor about the problem. Not to his nurse, not to his secretary, not to the bookkeeper. I have battled with that for a long time, and after I finally talked to the doctor, things got a lot better.
      Hope this helps.

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        Do you find every time you go to the doctor’s office
        there is a problem with the insurance company. What I mean
        numerous things keeping coming back “Not medically necessary”!
        I have had arguments even over blood being drawn! For instance
        on a recent visit I had a doctor’s visit and lab
        work done on the same day. The insurance company considered
        the blood drawn surgery (for TSH, T3. T4,) I argued that you mean a tip of
        a needle under my skin is surgery. They paid on this claim then!

        Does anyone on the board work for an insurance company to give us an insight
        into the philosophy they portray. We pay premiums and get terrible service.
        It is enough we are trying to take good care of ourselves but something
        has to give.

        Any advice, on this issue??

        Insurance hater

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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