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      Hi again, I was hoping to hear from someone regarding my loss of taste due to PTU.
      My Doctor switched me to Tapazole a week ago and still no taste. I was on PTU for
      5 weeks when this side effect ocurred. Did anyone else have this? Do you know of anyone who did??

      Also my anxiety and heart rate still bother me, they stopped the beta blocker 2 weeks ago when my blood tests
      showed all levels except TSH were OK. Any advice? My GP is treating me, and I am considering an Endo, but I also live where there aren’t any.
      I was told of a thyroid Dr nearby (whatever that means) that I will call for an appt.

      Please post any info you can. Thanks to you all. I am learning alot from the BB, and I will continue to read to let myself know that I’m not crazy for what
      I am feeling, and definately not alone!!


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        I took PTU for four months,I also had a problem with taste.Unlike you
        not having taste,I had a awful taste in my mouth.I tried to put the pills in cheese and throw it in my mouth so it didnt touch my tougue.I
        was on 300 mg a day. I also had a side effect of swellen saliva glands.
        After going off PTU it took about 2 weeks for taste to be gone.I hope this might help you.

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          Dear Joanie, I’ll check on the annotated symptoms that came up on the survey I did through this board. I know that it wasn’t real commonly reported, to lose taste, but I do think I remember it. Although, I could be remembering posts that people have written. Now if you don’t get something here from me soon, please e-mail me and remind me. What Donna has responded to you is more common..people saying that PTU tastes nasty.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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