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      Hi Shannon,

      Yes I understand the rambeling. Been there myself. I have only had the eye lid adjustments once on each eye lid where they moved the eye muscle. I did have three surgeries where they sewed the corners shut to cut down on exposure.

      I have asked the question before how many times can the lid surgery be done. The answer I got was “It depends” Not much help. It depends on the type of surgery, how it was done, your skin type, how the muscle was cut and reattached etc. etc. In other words it depends on the surgion and you.

      It does not help to have a support netwrok close by so that is why it is important for us to keep in touch with each other. If the BB goes down send a e-mail! Get others ICQ number for when they are on-line.

      Keep the warrior spirit!!

      Grandfather’s blessings.

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        Hi Everyone,

        I was wondering if anybody could answer this question for
        me. How many times can you get lid retraction
        surgery without destroying the lid muscle?
        I’ve had surgery on my right lid a couple times now.
        But it still is lower then the left. Lately it
        has gotten worse and I have to schedule surgery
        again. This time with a different doctor. Has
        anyone had lid surgery done and had to have it done
        over because of uneveness? I’ve become depressed
        over all this and am looking for answers. I have no
        Optho where I live so I’m feeling very much alone
        with my questions. Since finding this BB nearly
        2 years ago it has been a great help for me. I’ve never
        personally met another person with Graves’ and many
        people don’t understand it. Lately I’ve even isolated
        myself from the only support I’ve found since developing
        GD over 6 years ago,this BB. I haven’t been very strong lately
        and I hate feeling this way. I think because I’ve
        given up hope. I need to get strong again. This might
        not make sense to alot of you. A few of the “original”
        GD’ers know me fairly well though. I hope they
        understand. I apologize for rambling. Once again
        any imput would be very much appreciated.

        Love to all,


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          Yes, I’ve had my lids done several times and still have another surgery or two to go. It will cause scar tissue. My dr. mentioned putting in an “extender” whatever that is. He has said that sometimes lid surgery has to be done up to 5 or 6 times.


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            This morning about 3 am, I woke to very painful eyes which seemed to be so dry I could not blink. I know I have had a problem with my eyes not closing all the way at night for several months (freeks out my family). I have been wearing the soft satin blinders for months. However, I keep waking up with them flung across the room – do not ever remember doing this each night… I usually wake up go get them & come back to bed – only flinging them once a night I guess! Anyway, I had read somewhere about folks who tape their eyes shut at night? Is there a special tape to use? Is there a special technique? Is this something only to do if the doctor says too? I want to sleep at night, but I don’t want to rip out my eye lashes! I am about at the point though that maybe if the eye lashes go, they go – I need sleep (RAI in Sept. 1998 taking PTU & Propranolol & levels are still hyper., go back to endo 01/22)! Again, Thanks for any help offered. Belynda

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