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      OK all,

      I have been doing some web surfing and found some interesting things. Once
      in awhile I go web surfing to see where and if the NGDF shows up in the
      Internet search programs. Some we do and some we don’t. But what I have
      found is a proliferation of web sites that are offering CHATs or BBs for
      Graves disease. I have received a number of requests lately for us to add
      links to their web sites. I look at them and some are very good and some are
      really bad. So I can see why some doctor’s are not encouraging their patients
      to look at the internet. I visitied some yesterday that made me cringe when
      I saw some of the guestions and the answers.

      I liked the site at the mining company and we have a link to it. Mary has
      put togather a nice site and has some links we don’t have. So look at what you
      see out there and take what you need and leave the rest.

      We try to keep a good informative board. I hope you enjoy what we try to do for
      you and spread the word.

      on-line facilitator

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