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      When my husband and I were talking with our endo about what we had heard others say on this board about things like RAI she had a bemused look on her face but said absolutely nothing against me coming on here. But I happen to think I got lucky having her as an endo – she was very patient with me and let me have RAI when I was ready for it and didn’t push me into it. But I know that’s not the case with many other doctors that I hear about on here.

      Jake – I know what you mean regarding having a doctor believe you as to what levels are good for you. My husband was complaining about some behavioral changes I had after I was feeling really hyper again and the endo said that my levels were up a little bit but not that bad. But she also said I may be one of those patients who are very sensitive to little changes in T levels! At least she acknowledged that it’s possible and is willing to take my word for it.

      If I don’t get back on here tomorrow- everybody have a GREAT weekend!


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        Morning all!!

        I get a ton of e-mail about people who go to the doctor just to be told
        not to read to much or get to much infomation about Graves because you
        can’t trust what is on the internet (In some cases this is very true)
        instead of asking the source of the information.

        Notice I said consumers in the subject. Yes we have Graves but we are
        consumers. A doctor sells his services and we buy them. If I went to buy
        a house and the builder told me not to read up on houses I would run away.

        If I went to buy a car and the salesman told me what I wanted and would not
        listen about my needs I would find a new salesman. I do not want to come
        across as doctor bashing because I have many doctors as personal friends.
        The ones who listen to their Patients are the good ones. Some just do not
        listen and just tell them how they should feel at a certian level. Well my
        answer to that is those levels are an “Average”

        It’s like having a car that is supposed to get 25 miles per gallon. That is
        an average. If you drive fast and are active you run out of gas earler. You
        go the the gas station and are they going to tell you “You shouldn’t be out of
        gas yet” and tell you to watch how you drive and come back latter. A bit of a
        stretch I know but it is the same concept. My levels run high and I take a high
        dose of Thyroid replacements. I am not in the average range so I find a doctor
        who listens to how my body runs and listens to me!!!

        George, I think you will make a fine doctor. Just listen to your “customers”
        and figure out how their body runs and go from there. Drop me a e-mail George.
        We have some information to send that you and your class may find helpful.


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