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      I came down with bronchitis last week, and had to go to the doctor this week. It is a group practice, and I saw one of the doctor’s I had never met before. It seemed a bit strange at first, because he noticed from my chart that I have Graves, and instead of asking me about the cough, etc., he asked me about my initial symptoms of Graves, and treatment. It turns out, he was recently diagnosed with Graves himself. HIS first symptom, BTW, were the sweats that have been discussed recently on the board. He apparently figured out that “something” was wrong, because he realized he was constantly lowering the temperature in the office, and causing the nursing staff to complain about hypothermia. ; )

      Anyway, I’m going to try to “tap” him as a source for research, if I can. He’s got a huge practice, and may not be able to help much, but I DO know that he’s got a whole ton of empathy for things like “the sweats”, the muscle cramps, etc. Too bad he isn’t an endo, eh?

      Take care all,


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