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      Had my monthly visit and bloodletting. My doctor wants me to lower
      my PTU dosage again, starting Monday. That makes me nervous, but if
      it is progress….

      Meanwhile, my husband’s company is relocating his plant from here in
      Florida to Ohio. He’s been asked to transfer, (many are loosing jobs),
      but no details have been forthcoming (very nerve-wracking). AND a
      great company in Colorado has offered him a job and is flying him out
      in two weeks for a face-to-face interview and have offered to pay moving expenses. This
      means STRESS and I’d have to find a new Endo either in Pueblo or Akron.
      The only Endo in Pueblo doesn’t have an e-mail address listed with AACE,
      so I’d have to check him out the old-fashioned way. (There are
      a few in Colorado Springs, but I didn’t think they had e-mail either). There are no jobs
      anywhere close by in this area for what he does. SO here I am in the
      midst of a disease, faced with selling my home, uprooting my family
      and I don’t even know to what end of the country it will be! Moving with
      a 10 month old & a 4 yr old will be tough (the 8 yr old is already upset
      about missing friends, but excited about SNOW). I hope that I’m
      beyond stress making this disease kick in.

      Sorry to rant. Glynis

        Post count: 93172

        Boy, Glynis when it decides to rain…. Hang in there, it’s in God’s
        plan for you right now and the outcome can only be good. Take each
        day at a time; at least your Graves is controlled right now and that
        should continue which will help get you through it all. Regards.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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