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      Would be interesting to see something like that but I for one would doubt
      if it would do any good. Being hypoglycemic I use a glucometer (a machine
      that sests your blood sugar levels and tells you what they are at “that”
      moment) and it tells me if my blood sugar is low. I eat and take a test and
      see it go up. A home test for TSH shows where you are right now too. However,
      it takes weeks after a dosage change to see a change in TSH or T3, T4 levels.

      It is not like a blood sugar test where you can change you insulin or eat and see
      results in half and hour. I like the idea of calling your doctor with the results
      every few weeks to get fine tuned. It might be a cost saver since the tests
      for TSH and T3, T4 cost between $70 and $150 depending on where you live.

      Glad to hear the eyes are doing better,

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        Dear Sir.
        I totally agree with Dee,you can’t imagine being this sick for many many years and no one can tell you what is wrong with you.We go to so many doctors and specialists too.I have been told I had fibercitis,chronic fatigue snydrome,some form of arthritis,nerves that was what I got most of the time—treated like I was a nut case looking for a place to happen,mono,the lists just go on and on ,can’t you even think of what us folks are going through?It took them 7 years to finally tell me I was graves disease and thyroid–hyper and not to mention Sir the only reason they could tell me then is because my eyes were swelling so bad,and they could tell just by looking then.I don’t really know what your work invoves but if you do research I would love to volinteer to have my eyes fixed,and I thank-you Sir for your thoughts and concerns into our concerns if you don’t mind thinking about what we are trying to get across and sincerely thank-you

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          I was just wondering which I think was brought up by TOM in his
          post of 3/3/98, if you think it is possible to have a home monitoring
          TSH testing meter? For myself, I have a blood glucose testing meter
          which can tell me in 60 seconds what my blood sugar is for diabetes.
          I wonder why a drug company, scientist, hospital etc. could not come up
          with a meter for us to see if we are going hypo, hyper or just what the status
          of our metabolism is. Also, it could save us endless trips to the doctor just
          to have our blood drawn. We could call in our TSH levels, keep a log
          or even put them on a computerized program. Hmm, maybe there is a business proposition to
          check out. I can sketch out a design and the tools to mae it happen.
          Any feedbac on this idea! I may feel out the market and send some letters to
          the bigger pharmaceutical companies..
          Have a nice day!

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            I seem to remember that sometime last year, there was mention of a home test that was under development and was due to be released soon. However, Nancy Patterson, I think, posted that it was not supposed to be used by those with Graves, only other types of hypos. I posted a response asking why, but never received an answer…

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              Tom, you are really good, I’m impressed!! It will also take someone like you, annoying as you can be sometimes, to get this disease out in the forfront and acknowledged by the “important people”. Thanks for hanging in there with us, I enjoy your comments.

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                Hello BB

                I would like to know if anyone has heard of the new TSH home test? I read that it is available for 29.95 and only requires a couple of drops of blood from your finger. I’m not clear as to where I would send it and how longit would take to get the results. Thanks for any info


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                  I have send the whole information on this new TSH home test to jake and he has forwarded it to Nancy Patterson, so I think we’ll get an answer as soon as she has checked the issue.

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