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      How many of you know people that really feel like themselves again?

      Sometimes I wonder if that “after the RAI you will feel better in 6 weeks
      has now carried out for too many years!

      Levels are normal now- so you should feel ok- maybe you are just obsessed they say!

      Sure, at least we aren;t shaking anymore and our hearts aren’t beating out of our chest but……. will the quality of our lives improve?

      Is is that slow of a process that we may take years for our muscles , minds and bodies to recooperate……????

      Just as when we figure out that the dr was a little wrong to say that in 6 weeks you will feel ok, maybe they should start telling us that it will take many years for your body to get back together and it is a normal thing for Graves. Some how I think mentally we could accept that better and our anxiety state would be lowered somewhat.

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        Hi EM! I can’t speak for everyone who has Graves’, but I would say that the
        majority of people who have been diagnosed get treated, recuperate, and
        move on with their lives in a relatively short time. Just a reminder, the
        people who post on this BB are the people who have continuing problems
        with this disease (which is approximately 10% of all GD patients). If you
        go back and compare the names of posters from six months ago to now, you’ll
        see that many people who used to post don’t post any longer. Their treatments
        were successful and they’re back enjoying life like they used to.

        For me, I was diagnosed in 1990 and had RAI shortly after that. My body
        responded well to the treatment, and I’ve been on Synthroid ever since then,
        with no problems relating to the RAI. My eyes became worse, so I had
        decompression surgery, extraocular eye muscle surgery, and lid retractions
        on both eyes. Today I feel great, and do anything I want to (in moderation,
        of course). Why do I continue to check in to the BB? I have made some
        wonderful friends through this crazy disease, and I’m doing what I can to
        help the NGDF, offer hope to others during the tough times, and learn
        more about myself and my future.

        Does life get better? You betcha! It just takes more time, patience, and
        support for some people than others. Hang in there!

        Wishing you health and happiness, Debby

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          I have read the messages for awhile but this is my first time to respond. I agree the doc should let you know this is a very long process. I have dealt with this over a year and many times feel as though I am crazy. I had Graves and had the RAI and now am on synthroid for hypothyroidsm. I feel pretty normal now but still am not right. I have been worried about my memory. I can’t even spell anymore. I don’t know if it is the disease the medicine or if I’m just stressed out. I believe we will never be the same.

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            Like with any other disease, we learn to live with it.
            I strongly believe, however, that we can feel better…
            but finding a good endo is the key..
            Good Luck!

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